Our commitment: helping you improve your nutrition, health, and wellness- It’s what we live for as a company!


At Nestlé we aim to enhance your quality of life by offering tastier and healthier food and beverages, along with information and services to help you make healthy choices for a happy life!

Nestlé understands that finding the right balance of nutrition, good health and wellness can be a challenge, and we aim to be your partner along the road to having a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Nestlé has undertaken a wide range of activities and special projects in Trinidad and Tobago to teach consumers what they need to know about nutrition, health and wellness!

Our CSV Initiatives:

The Healthy Kids Programme

Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago’s Healthy Kids Programme epitomises our commitment to nutrition, health and wellness! Launched in 2011 with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, this three-year primary school programme teaches children how to live a healthy lifestyle through a combination of nutrition education and healthy activity. It’s been a hit with kids and parents alike!

The Wellness Caravan

Nestlé is your loyal partner on the road to improving your nutrition, health, and wellness and our Wellness Caravan embodies our commitment to helping you make healthy choices for a happy life! This special mobile unit is on the road all year-round throughout Trinidad and Tobago. It offers a variety of helpful services and useful information to help you take control of your health

Nestlé Breakfast Campaign

The Nestlé Breakfast Campaign is a mobile campaign that visits groceries and workplaces across Trinidad and Tobago. During each four-hour session, Nestlé’s team educates consumers about the importance of breakfast, shows them how to plan a healthy and balanced breakfast, and explains how breakfast can be included in a busy lifestyle.

Nestlé Summer Camp

For more than a decade, Nestlé’s Summer Camps have been a highlight of the school vacation for kids across Trinidad and Tobago. Each year, hundreds of children come out to enjoy themselves for this one-day outing, and over the years Nestlé has hosted thousands of children between the ages of 6 and 12 years for a fun-filled day of learning.