KLIM Growing Up Milks

KLIM® 1+ is designed to meet the needs of young children from one year onwards during this period of growth and development.

A healthy immune system is dependent on many factors. The consumption of Vitamins A, C, D, Calcium, Iron and Zinc may contribute to the normal function of your child’s immune system and healthy growth.

One glass of KLIM® 1+ Growing Up provides a good source of nine vitamins and three minerals, including 25% of Iron and 26% of Zinc. Iron and zinc are two of the essential nutrients that may contribute to normal cognitive function.

KLIM® 1+ also contains Prebiotics that may contribute to a healthy digestive system.

KLIM® Growing Up 3+ is the second step in the KLIM® Nutrition System

As your little pre- schooler turns 3, his or her small world suddenly becomes bigger, with new things to learn and new friendships to make.

KLIM 3+ Growing Up is enriched with Prebio3® which helps your child to grow healthy and strong, preparing him/ her to face the challenges of pre-school.

World Health Organization

Important Notice:

This product is not to be used as a breast milk substitute and should not be used to feed infants below the age of one year. We support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation of six months exclusive breastfeeding, followed by the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods along with sustained breastfeeding up to two years of age and beyond. Growing up milks are formulated to meet nutrition needs of healthy young children older than 1 year and should not be fed to infants.