Inspiring Young Entrepreneurial Spirits: Nestlé Anglo Dutch Caribbean launches YOCUTA Programme for 2018

To Press Releases listJul 12, 2018

Bottom row from left: Jala Bernard (Student Services Manager TTHTI), Michelle John (Programme Head Academic – Culinary, TTHTI), Anusha Hosein (TTHTI Student), Patricio Torres (Nestle Anglo Dutch Caribbean Market Head), Neisha Mohammed (TTHTI Student), Zaria Isaac (TTHTI Student), Jenelle Alexis (TTHTI Student), Delano Ribeiro (Head, Academic (Ag) TTHTI).
Middle row from left: Tyree Campbell (TTHTI Student), Ruth Robinson (TTHTI Student), Danica Francois (TTHTI Student), Sheridan Francois (TTHTI Student).
Top row from left: Kareem Ottley (HR Analyst) , Jael-Joy Ahye (Nestle Professional Intern, Siti Jones-Gordon (Acting HR Manager – Nestle), Collin Sammy (Distributor Development Specialist).

Thursday 12th July, 2018- The Nestlé Anglo Dutch Caribbean has successfully launched the Young Culinary Talent (YOCUTA) programme for 2018 in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. YOCUTA is an initiative streamlined through the Nestlé Needs YOUth programme which aims to foster culinary talent and increase employability for young budding chefs, led by Nestlé Professional.

This year the YOCUTA programme will take 24 aspiring chefs between the ages of 16- 29 from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago through an apprenticeship programme that will expose them to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment, Nestlé’s Nutrition, Health and Wellness approach and large scale food preparation solutions and other culinary activities that are the foundation of Nestlé Professional.

Guided by experts in the field, they will go through two phases of culinary development; the first phase places concentration on Nestlé’s best practice and business operations, whereas the second phase focuses on practical culinary experiences. This includes sessions at Hyatt Regency Hotel and Linda’s Bakery in Trinidad, and Pallet Restaurant and Kukup Kreations in Jamaica. At the end of the apprenticeship, a recognized certification degree will be issued and students will demonstrate their learning over the 3 months. In Jamaica, the two top performing young chefs will be offered 6 month internships as Nestlé Jamaica PAC (Program Assisting Culinary) chefs.

From front left: Noel Higgins (student of HEART Institute of Jamaica), Patricio Torres (Head of market), Moesha Grant (student of the University of Technology ), Sasa Webster (student of the University of Technology), Nole Senior ( student of HEART Institute of Jamaica), Kelli Ann Roertson (student of HEART Institute of Jamaica), Rafe Jackson (student of the University of the West Indies), Ophillia Hall (student of the University of Technology), Daniel Caron (Country Manager for Nestle Jamaica)
From back left: Brian Hanson (Country Business Leader for Nestle Professional Jamaica), Taneisha Toques (Distributor Sales Development Specialist for Nestle Professional Jamaica), Tonia Black (Culinary Assistant, Nestle Jamaica Ltd)

Nestlé Professional has partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute (TTHTI) for the fourth year to introduce student chefs to the programme. In Jamaica, members enrolled in the program hail from The University of Technology (Hospitality Department), University of the West Indies (Hospitality Department) and also the HEART Institute of Jamaica, Culinary Programmes. At Jamaica’s recent YOCUTA onboarding and knifing ceremony Head of Market for the Anglo Dutch Caribbean, Patricio Torres commented, “Over the past 2 years in Trinidad and Tobago this programme has tremendously impacted the skills, talent and entrepreneurial culture of all parties involved and this being the first year. Jamaica will be no different. Guided by our purpose and values, we at Nestlé are truly proud that we can make an impact on our youth.”

In the Anglo Dutch Caribbean the YOCUTA programme has made contact with 17 young chefs who are now pursuing their dreams as entrepreneurs and well known establishments.