An all family milk for your drinking, cooking and baking needs!

At Nestlé, we bring life to milk by leveraging the best of our science and product expertise to provide families with nutritionally enriched milk products. All of our dairy products have natural nutritional benefits, such as the provision of calcium, but at Nestlé we believe sometimes milk has to do more: That’s why, in addition to the fresh milks you know and love, we’re also proud to offer affordable dairy products such as our KLIM Powder Milks — that are enriched to help you attain great health, naturally!

KLIM Fortified Liquid Milk is a full cream milk for children age 6 and up. It’s the only milk enriched with iron, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d and zinc. Moms choose KLIM Fortified because it contains a combination of vitamins and minerals, which help children to growth healthy and strong.

For more than 90 years, millions of moms around the world have trusted Nestlé® KLIM®1+ Growing Up Milk to provide their children with valuable nutrition in a taste they love. KLIM®1+ is a growing up milk specially tailored to meet the needs of toddlers and young children during their period of growth and development. Learn more...

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